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About this site

The objective of this site is to showcase the 35mm slide collection that I have built over the last thirty years. Mainly taken in the 1980's, the subjects range across a wide spectrum of the UK railway scene. Where I have included the work of other people I have credited them separately. If I have included content that is not properly attributed please contact me.

I have completed cataloguing my collection of 4341 35mm slides onto the database and have selected slides for publishing on these pages based upon the following criteria:-

1. Quality
2. Photographs of specific interest related to special events
3. Breadth of coverage
4. Photographs of specialist interest

All images have been posted with a maximum dimension of 640 by 480 pixels to conserve webspace. The original scanned dimension is approximately 3750 by 2500 pixels. As a bitmap at maximum resolution these images consume 27MB !
If you would like to use any image posted on my site or would like a larger sized copy of an image posted on this site, please contact me.

An extract of the slides catalogued so far is available for download by right-clicking the following link ---->slides.zip
If there are any items of specific interest, please contact me.

The layout and design have been kept as simple as possible for three reasons:-

  1. My inexperience in webpage design.
  2. If you rely on a 'doorbell wire' connection to the Internet (i.e. via the UK's PSTN) you'll understand that webpages with lots of graphical content look great but take ages to download.
  3. Simpler webpages use less webspace which means more space for photographs.

So.....please browse the image galleries at your leisure.......

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